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AB Equestrian: Coaching to Reach Your Goals

At AB Equestrian, we coach horseback riders to live and achieve their dreams with their horse, no matter their discipline, skill level, age, or experience.

You’ll gain improved communication, confidence, and partnership with your horse.

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  • Please note: We ARE NOT a trail riding facility that leases horses for trail rides.

Why AB Equestrian?

I truly love it at AB Equestrian. Alexis takes great care of the horses, it’s such a beautiful setting and it’s a full-service center; boarding, training, lessons. She takes a lot of time with the horses and takes your horse out on the trail to experience many aspects of riding!
Cynthia Culp
Cynthia Culp
AB Equestrian is fabulous! An amazing piece of property with so much room for both my girls. And Alexis is simply THE best trainer I have ever encountered. Her skill, knowledge and patience are exceptional. We have been out there for over a year and are extremely happy with all the care and expertise she offers. I highly recommend Alexis and Stonebridge Ranch!!!!
Leslie Bussinger
Leslie Bussinger
Alexis is extremely knowledgeable, and I learn new things about horses each time I spend time with her. If she does not know the answer, she goes to her trainer to get answers. She worked with my “green broke” 6-year-old, Andalusian mare and Alexis did a phenomenal job with my girl Paloma. Alexis always kept me apprised of her training by sending videos and pictures.
Rebecca Leon
Rebecca Leon

Every Human and Horse Matters

You have unique needs. So does your horse!

  • Maybe you and your horse are new to each other
  • Have you been together for a while but struggle with certain things?
  • Did you rescue your horse from an ugly past?
  • Do you want assistance to find your ideal horse?

At AB Equestrian, we match the training approach to the needs of you and your horse to support and nurture both of you with knowledge, experience, and positive reinforcement.

Coaching and Lessons

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to training horses or people. My program is built on principles and practices I’ve learned over 20 years to build the ideal partnership between horse and human.

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Hi, I’m Alexis!

I’m a lifelong horsewoman, and I’m passionate about teaching horses and coaching their humans in a disciplined, yet lighthearted and fun manner.

My goal is for you to learn with encouragement and positive reinforcement.  I want you to feel supported in building your confidence as a rider and becoming a leader for your horse.

I believe that we, as riders, only have two things we can control – our attitudes and our efforts!

Alexis believes riders ultimately have two things they can control: their attitudes and their efforts.

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Alexis Brasier, horse trainer