Arena Work for Trail Riders

Lets start with a story:

You are enjoying your ride in the higher elevation to beat the summer heat. Just walking along through the tall pines.

Your horse starts to trot and snorting like a dragon. A lot of people tend to get off. Most horses will run into their owner on the ground as you don’t know what is causing them to be alert.

Reality is your safest place is on your horse.

This is where turning into a tree or hill side (aka fence in the arena) come in handy in the saddle. Also getting the forehand and hindquarter to move not just forward or backwards.

1.) Do you have a solid foundation in arena?

2.) Can you bend and counter bend on your circles?

These are foundational exercises we do in preparation for the trail. We can help you with your foundation and assist you with your horse on the trails to put everything in place.

horse crossing water

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