Trailer Loading

Your horse used to be an easy loader and now is difficult to load?

Try looking at it from a different perspective.

From what I found with the last few horses that I’ve worked with this last week, most are having an issue with the unloading process. When it comes to unloading, people just let their horses back out on their own. If you can control the backing process and make your horse back slowly with verbal commands, in an easy motion, all the issues these horses were experiencing have been fixed.

You can get the horses to trust verbal cues on command whether it’s with the assistance of a longer rope or even just a stick. Each of these things will help you in your process to assist your horse to be a better loader and unloading as well. So many trainers these days are only interested in how the horse loads and forget about the unloading process. We, as responsible horse handlers, can get the horse to unload in a calm and safe manner each horse can catch the moon and beyond.

horse loading in a horsetrailer

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