What is AB Equestrian?

I love assisting my boarding clients who just don’t have the time or property to properly care for their horses. As a full-service pasture boarding facility, we ensure the horse is in great health, fed, and in great shape. This way the owner can spend all their spare time enjoying their horse and not worrying if they are getting everything they need.

On the training side of AB Equestrian, I love taking on new challenges and working with horses that have a trust issue. Growing up I loved taking my challenging horses to my trainers and learning how to be more effective each time as well as learning how to develop a well-balanced and muscular all around horse for jumping and dressage. Yes, the horse was always challenging me but I learned so much from him.

After a while working as an assistant trainer, I started getting asked to work with trailer loading issues and hard to catch horses. Getting the horse to trust (foundation) their human was the key part missing. Filling that gap was and is my goal. Soon I was working these horses on their trail riding issues such as bolting, spinning and refusing to go through obstacles.

Build a strong foundation in ground work with the rider alongside and the rest will fall into place done correctly.

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